Best Pizza POS System: Easy as Pie

Best Pizza POS System: Easy as Pie

Best Pizza POS System: Easy as Pie
Pizza POS System
Pizza POS System for Pizza Shops

The Biyo Pizza POS system is quickly becoming the most popular Cloud Based POS system for fast service, table service, and retail businesses. With many new features initially added, Biyo is clearly the best POS system for pizzeria businesses as well.

Owners can easily keep track of deliveries with the new upcoming Biyo delivery management system. The order is monitored and documented from the moment it is received until it reaches the client. When items are ready for delivery, drivers may check out with numerous orders, each with the customer’s name, address, and specific instructions. Drivers will no longer be left wondering where the client lives or whether he or she wants any dipping sauce on the side. Once all deliveries have been completed, drivers may return to the restaurant and close out all of their delivery orders. All order data and delivery timings are transmitted immediately to the backend dashboard management, so drivers and staff will not want to take too long with orders.

Biyo’s backend control panel already generates the most detailed and reliable information of any Cloud POS solution. The new upcoming delivery management reports provide pizza restaurant owners with a breakdown of each slice of the company.

Most Important Pizza Pos Features

  1. Order Summary – View your sales by payment, time, employee and more to get a sense of the larger picture.
  2. Product ReportsKeep an eye on which goods are doing well and which are not, with each sold product recorded.
  3. Customer Information – Enter new customers directly into the Biyo Dashboard or from the Biyo Point of Sale System; alternatively, you can upload an entire database into the dashboard and then look through customer orders whenever you want.
  4. Delivery Management – Knowing that times and orders are being monitored, drivers will make extra-rapid deliveries.
  5. Caller ID – With our Caller ID system, you don’t have to take already registered customer informations such as adress or phone number etc..

Keeping track of inventory is one of the most essential and difficult aspects of running a pizzeria. This is not the case with Biyo. Every slice is tracked thanks to the Biyo inventory management.

Pizza Pos Interface

The interface is the most important and often used component of any POS system. Biyo has removed all of the extraneous elements, leaving customers with a clean, flowing structure that any employee can navigate. Pizza menus may contain a number of modifiers and choices, making it a time-consuming process to create them. Thankfully, the Biyo system enables the simple upload of a complete menu to the backend. With the option to construct half modifiers and modifier classes, Biyo’s modifiers are also ideal for pizzeria menus.

All of these capabilities, and more, combine to offer Biyo the most powerful POS system on the market. Setup is simple, and day-to-day usage is much simpler. However, if an issue comes up, the Biyo Support Team will always be there to offer answers and help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For 14 days, you can try the Biyo Retail Store Point of Sale System for free. Click here for sign up.

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