What to Think About When Purchasing a New Restaurant Point of Sale

What to Think About When Purchasing a New Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurant Point of Sale System
Restaurant Point of Sale System


What to Think About When Purchasing a New Restaurant Point of Sale System

What impact may a Restaurant pos system have on a chef’s day-to-day operations? For your restaurant manager?  For your employees, like servers, waiters etc. How about your clients? More individuals are affected by the choice to update a restaurant point of sale system to something more modern than a bulky PC and pencil-and-paper system than the restaurateur who purchases it. When considering upgrading their POS and entering the Digital World, restaurateurs should think about the following:

The Front of the House

Customers will notice, remember, and promote the front of the house to others. To achieve seamless rotations, the floor arrangements must be spot on, the crew must be polite and efficient, and the food and beverages must come precisely as requested. So, how does a restaurant pos system fit into this?

Waiters: Great restaurants hire servers with elephant-like memories. They can remember complicated commands from even huge groups without having to write anything down. However, on a busy night, special requests might get mixed up, and orders might get stuck in a bottleneck.

You can prevent situations like these by taking orders using a tablet POS, which offers a number of benefits. It allows servers to input complicated orders as they are presented, with clear visual feedback on what they are doing. There’s also no danger of communication problems since it’s transferred to the kitchen immediately from the iPad.

All of this frees up time for servers to concentrate on keeping customers happy.

So, what should you look for in a restaurant POS that will help your staff members the most?

  • How user-friendly and clean is the interface?
  • How simple will it be for restaurant employees to learn it?
  • How many tablets are you going to need to run your restaurant?
  • How much area will it occupy? That is to say Is it mounted someplace, or will each server have its own?

As a restaurant owner we love Biyo cloud base restaurant point of sale system. The whole design is beautiful. It’s simple and easy to understand and place orders… everything is quite simple.

Dervişhan Restaurant – İstanbul, TURKEY

Hosts, waiters, employees: The first objective for hosts and/or managers is to ensure that seating runs smoothly. This implies being able to change tables fast or even combine tables together. Furthermore, updating the restaurant’s menu should be simple.

What to think about while selecting a Restaurant POS to assist hosts:

How simple is it to rearrange tables in the floor plan and make changes on the fly?

Are you able to handle unconventional places like a patio, outside seats, and pool tables? Because of the distance between wait staff and workstations in these regions, customer requests are often ignored or forgotten.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes is where the majority of the cooking, food storage, and the management’s office are hidden. A point of sale has an influence on both the front and rear of your restaurant. This is why:

Kitchen employees: A chef will only begin preparing a dish after receiving an order. In many circumstances, servers must go to a crowded workstation in the restaurant’s rear to input the order. Those few essential seconds might quickly grow into minutes, leaving a consumer wondering why everything is taking so long. In the event of written orders, even more complications might arise due to sloppy handwriting or language limitations.

What to look for in a behind the scenes POS:

  • How fast can orders be delivered from the table to the kitchen/bar?
  • Is it possible for the POS to reduce time in workflow operations by sending orders straight to a designated work location, such as salad prep, appetizer preparation, hot kitchen, cold kitchen, bar, and so on?
  • Is it capable of addressing additional concerns, such as the usage of several languages by back-of-house and front-of-house personnel?

Biyo has given us the option of reducing the time it takes to take an order and process it via the computer/tablet by a minute or two.

LaPeri Bakery – New York City, USA

Managers/owners: At all times, a management or owner should be informed of the success of their company, including how well certain meals sell and which days and hours are busiest. It’s practically hard to build a company without a solid knowledge of this. The correct point-of-sale system may provide managers and/or owners a clear picture of what’s going on in their establishment.

What should you think about?

  • Is it a cloud-based system that enables you to alter menus, track sales, and so on from anywhere?
  • What policies does it have in place for special events, food trucks, and pop-up restaurants?
  • Is it adaptable to other services, such as take-out?
  • Is it possible to change menus without having to contact customer service?

As a chain restaurant owner, Biyo Restaurant Point of Sale System allows me to have a real-time picture of what’s going on in my restaurants.

Blue Room Restaurant – Mombasa, KENYA

Finally, a restaurant point of sale system has an impact on practically every element of a restaurant. The hotel sector is intensely competitive, and online consumer evaluations are becoming more important. A point of sale should be a primary concern since so much depends on prompt service and effective communication among customers, servers, and kitchen personnel.

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