What is a descriptor?

A descriptor can be entitled as the information specified in the order that the owner makes, which is aimed at describing the specific service or product that the holder purchases.

This descriptor must surely include the merchant’s name and the telephone number of his customer service. In fact, when a client copies the descriptor and enters the data details in the search box, then the information concerning the present company should appear on the first page of the issue.

According to the recipient and the payment technology that is involved in conducting this operation, it may sometimes be impossible to identify a descriptor for each banking operation. The title of the dynamic descriptor indicates that this system can assign descriptors directly during payment processing in such a way that every bank operation has its own specific descriptor.

Simply put, the dynamic description is an alphanumeric string that the customer sees on the banking statement. You, as a merchant, may face less risk if your descriptor is recognizable.

The dynamic descriptor contains 22 symbols. The descriptor may equally refer to the capture of authorization. Banks can show a full or shortened descriptor. The shortened one can include the company name and order number. The full descriptor besides the company name and order ID will have a GEO information (city and country).

The term static descriptor signifies that a single descriptor is used for all transactions that have one Merchant ID, so a description of a specific transaction cannot be possible.

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