Merchant Management System (MMS)

Merchant Management System (MMS)

What is Merchant Management System (MMS)?

The merchant management system or MMS is a web-based environment that the merchant uses to track real-time transaction data. The information is about the transactions that the payment gateway generates. Besides, all the data, the MMS keeps, is stored in a safe and secure way. Both the merchant and the payment service provider have access to transactions’ receipts and their history.

The MMS can have different parameters to ease the search. For example, the merchant can sort the information by transaction date, customer’s name, and other info.

The merchant management system can become an important tool for merchants. So, it shows real-time data, gives a sight on transaction history, and so on, the merchants can analyze customers’ behavior and potential threats.

Commonly, the MMS has the following features:

  • Intuitive managing environment,
  • A handful of security tools that can help merchants to set authentication check on some transactions,
  • Extended reporting on the failed transaction for better fraud prevention,
  • An ability to access historical data reports,
  • Manual functions that enable refunds to customers,
  • An ability to download the created reports.

Thus, the efficiency of the merchant management system can improve merchants’ sales and lower fraudulent activity. Thanks to real-time data of the performed transactions, merchants are always in the know and can solve possible problems straight away.

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