Mobile Checkout Solution, mCashier

Mobile Checkout Solution, mCashier

What is a mobile checkout solution?

Mobile Checkout Solution provides customers with the possibility to use smartphones in order to escape from the usual checkout flow. The procedure of a mobile checkout is very simple: the customer just needs to scan the barcode of the commodity by using his/her smartphone and checkout in the most convenient way for the consumer. The whole procedure is uncomplicated and fast as well.

The customers can checkout with the help of Apple Pay along with Google Pay. MC enables consumers to explore the products by obtaining more information along with some images. The client doesn’t have to worry about the quality of goods, because all the information can be seen after scanning the barcode.

There are a lot of benefits of such a system for the vendors among them the possibility to contact the consumers from anywhere, the process of payment is simplified as the client acts as a cashier (performs many actions without any intervention of a trader).

The MCS’s objective is to decrease the number of steps and to benefit the capacities of the smartphone such as geolocation and camera as well.

Of course, the main benefit of the mobile checkout solution is its speed. As we leave in the high-paced era, customers demand faster solutions. And the barcode enables this option. This can positively influence customers’ retention rates and grow loyalty.

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