Open Access Network (OAN)

Open Access Network (OAN)

What is Open Access Network (OAN)?

The OAN stands for the main physical network infrastructure. Numerous providers handle it to bring services to users.In OAN, the owner doesn’t provide services for the network, because they are provided by the independent retail service providers. It relates to a specific business prototype, in which NIP restricts its actions to an established set of value layers. That is to stay away from conflicts of interest. The provider of this kind of network designs an open market and a platform for ISP to increase value. Its provider must always stay impartial and self-sufficient. He also has to provide presently accepted and clear pricing to ISPs on its network.

Usage of the open-access network (OAN) today

Nowadays, the open-access model becomes globally accepted because governments and municipalities suppose that the conception of offering competition between providers and the free choice for the subscriber is fundamental. The OAN has also demonstrated to be a possible approach to connect rural areas in which SPs experience difficulties in generating sufficient profit in order to legitimize investing in the network infrastructure.

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