What is Phishing and Phishers Mean?

Phishing is an attempt to gather personal data through fraudulent websites, and emails. This term is used to define a cybercrime in which the passwords, credit card numbers, and bank account facts are illegally obtained. The hackers send emails with malevolent links; the client can become a victim because by clicking the link, he/she can lose the personal data. Phishers can also use social media and send links via direct messages, SMS and in many other ways. The main targets for phishing are banks, e-pay systems, and e-auctions as such data can open access to the funds.

The message will try to make a receiver, for any reason, to quickly enter the personal information. After the phisher gets the information, he/she has a chance to access necessary accounts, and as a result, identity theft, or a financial loss takes place.  Commonly, phishers attempt to frighten a receiver by giving a significant reason for the person to divulge his/her personal data. The notifications generally involve threats to block an account in the case that the client doesn’t fulfill their demands.

An average phishing site can exist for 5 days. The nature of such a website is usually very high. A fake website is the same with an ordinary one, so the visitors can’t distinguish it.

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