Real-time Processing

Real-time Processing

What is Real Time Processing?

Real-time processing is a processing which is applied when it is necessary and is found in structures with computer control. This type of processing includes continuous input, process, and output of data. ATMs, customer services, along with radar systems apply this kind of processing because all the procedures happen within a short period of time. The information is usually recent with this system.

It is also used in e-commerce to process an order, bookings along with reservations which are conducted online. Moreover, the detection of the fraud is faster, can be done in real-time as well as can be conducted before the transaction takes place and succeeds.

This process is very simplified, the information doesn’t connect straight with the stream processing. Commonly, there is no substantial delay in response while this kind of processing. It also enables the identification of both threats and possibilities.

As an example, when the customer decided to book the room in the hostel, the system at once will receive an input to inform about the fact that the client has booked a certain room. That is why the system needs to update the information about the rooms which are still available before the other customer wants to book a room.

PAN (Primary Account Number)

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