FAQ for Biyo POS

The Biyo POS FAQ page covers various topics, including costs, security, support, and more, so you should be able to find most, if not all of the answers you need here. However, if you still have some unaddressed questions, feel free to get in touch with our support team or our sales consultants at support@biyopos.com

We don’t want you to make a big investment either which is why Biyo POS has a pricing model where the cost depends on how big your business is. Plans start completely free and can go up to $97 USD per month for each store location ($80 USD per month if billed annually). Custom quotes are available for retailers with six or more stores.

All plans include one free register per outlet, but you can add as many registers as you need. Registers cost $47 USD per register per month (or $39 USD per month if billed annually). To be safe, you’re best to start with the free plan, so you can give us a test drive without investing anything from the get-go. If you need to cancel once you’re up and running, you can do so at any time.

It really depends on how many products you have and how busy you are. Some merchants complete the process within a couple of hours, but if you have thousands of products and not a lot of free time, it could take weeks.

We do understand that time is money for entrepreneurs, so in order to make set-up as quick and painless as possible, we recommend that you prepare CSV files of the following before starting the process:

  • List of all products with prices, barcodes, categories
  • List of customers

If you need someone to walk you through the process, just get in touch with us, and support staff can assist you.

Biyo POS also offers professional services that include a hands-free setup (where we take care of everything, including migrating products and customers) and one-to-one training. Find out more.

Alternatively, we can set you up with a certified Biyo POS partners in your area to provide on-site POS installation and account set up for you. Our partners are certified Biyo experts who can get you up and running with the hardware, software, and you need to run your store.

It’s very likely that Biyo POS will play nice with the printers, barcode scanners,  and equipment you already have. We focus on making the software work with the best and most commonly used in restaurants and retail hardware and we hear a lot from store owners using Biyo POS successfully with printers we’d never even heard of.

Contact our POS experts at support@biyopos.com or sign up for a free account and see how Biyo POS works with your store’s existing hardware.

A point of sale system is used to track and manage your inventory and ring up sales. A payment processor handles the actual transaction during sales.

Payment processors transmit payment information between relevant parties to complete transactions—information will be sent between your business’ bank account and the paying customer’s bank, for example, or between your acquiring bank and the customer’s credit card issuer.

A point of sale system facilitates the transaction in question—if a payment processor connects to your bank, your POS system powers your till. POS systems like Biyo POS can integrate with payment processors to automatically transit information between your inventory system and card reader. In addition, Biyo POS includes tools for inventory management, CRM and data analysis, and we have even our own payment processing solution with competitive rates.

If a Biyo POS user signs up to Biyo POS Credit Card Processing they will receive one free payment terminal to use in their stores. There is no other hardware included, credit card processing is currently only available in the United States.

Biyo’s POS system works with all platforms. The POS system can be run in a web browser on any device, including Mac, PC, Linux, ChromeOS, Apple, or Android. You may be able to use all or most of your existing hardware when you add Biyo to your business

Biyo does not lease hardware. However, you can buy hardware directly from Biyo.

All new Biyo POS users are entitled to a free one-on-one onboarding session. A product expert will walk you through the POS system’s major features and answer any and all of your business questions relevant to your business. After you’ve completed your onboarding session, we offer free phone support, available 24/7 in English.

Biyo POS users also have access to chat support and phone support in English during specific business hours. You can find more information on how to contact Biyo POS support here.

Biyo POS also maintains a database of Help Center articles to aid POS system users. Biyo POS users can also consult the Biyo POS Community to discuss their POS system with other retailers, restaurateurs and Biyo Point of Sale system experts.

Biyo Credit Card Processing is included in all POS system subscription options for users in the United States. However, you are not required to use Biyo Credit Card Processing as your payment processor. Credit card processing rates through Biyo POS are very competitive, that includes American Express.

Biyo POS system users outside of the US do not currently have access to Biyo Point of Sale Credit Card Processing.