Internet outage? No problem! Offline Mode keeps your business running.

Our offline mode makes sure your store is still operational when you have internet or power outages.

Uninterrupted Sales

Biyo POS Offline Mode ensures your business never misses a sale, even during internet outages or unreliable connections. Keep serving your customers seamlessly without any disruptions.

Secure Data Synchronization

Biyo POS Offline Mode intelligently syncs all your sales and inventory data once the internet connection is restored, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your information. Rest easy knowing your business data is always up to date.

Flexible Mobility

Take your business anywhere, whether it's a pop-up shop, a trade show, or an outdoor event. Stay connected to your sales and inventory management, even in environments with limited or no internet access.

Stay operational even in the absence of internet connectivity.

Offline mode is crucial for businesses as it ensures uninterrupted operations even when internet connectivity is unreliable or completely unavailable.

It allows businesses to continue serving customers, processing transactions, and managing inventory without any disruption.

Offline mode provides peace of mind, eliminates potential revenue loss during internet outages, and enables businesses to maintain seamless operations in any environment or location.

Scale, printer, barcod scanner and more..

Biyo POS is designed to seamlessly support your hardware devices, even in offline mode.

Our label printer, receipt and kitchen printers, cash drawer, scale, and barcode scanners continue to function flawlessly, ensuring smooth operations for your business.

Whether it’s printing labels, generating receipts, managing cash transactions, weighing items on the scale, or scanning barcodes, our hardware remains fully operational.

Even without internet connectivity, you can rely on Biyo POS to provide the necessary functionality and efficiency to keep your business running smoothly and serve your customers with ease.

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