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Reporting & Analytics

Take the guesswork out of sales.
Whether you’re looking for a high-level view of your business or want to get into the nitty-gritty details, get all the information you need lightning fast with reporting and analytics in Biyo POS.

Multiple Sales Reports

Receive a concise yet comprehensive presentation of revenue, costs, margins, and other essential figures for your analysis.

Compare Reporting

Effortlessly compare sales data across various locations or time periods within a single, consolidated report.

Details of Each Transaction

Get ready to explore incredible flexibility as you dive deep into all the little details of each sale. It's like having superpowers to understand everything about your sales!

Unlock valuable understanding of your daily operations to optimize revenue and maximize profits.

Instant access to real-time sales, menus, and labor data, bidding farewell to lengthy waiting periods for reviewing results.

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