Zero Processing Fee
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Transfer your credit card processing fees to your customers and clients, allowing you to accept credit cards at a 0% cost. Effortlessly manage surcharges, convenience fees, and service charges through Biyo's Zero Processing Fee Program.

Reward Cash Paying Customers

This program helps you reward your Cash paying customers by offering Cash Discount. All Cash paying customers will receive a 4% discount automatically on during checkout where as card paying customers do not.

Stop Paying Credit Card Fees

Avoid paying credit card fees by transferring these fees to your customers and clients. Allows you to make more money and don't avoid the convenience of credit cards impact your profits.

Simple Automated Solution

You as the business owner, only have to update your pricing for your inventory and let Biyo Point of Sale take care of all the logic and processing you need to help you earn more.

How to reduce costs on your credit card transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions for
Biyo Zero Processing Fee Program (Cash Discount Program)

Biyo Zero Processing Program is a tool to navigate the regulations behind card fees and uses the right method based on region and card brand so merchants can pass it on to their customers with ease.

Biyo Zero Processing is a feature similar to traditional convenience fees.

Usually, convenience fees are either a fixed amount (Visa) or a set percentage (Mastercard, other card brands) charged to a customer for providing an alternate form of payment method.

Biyo Zero Processing is a fixed-rate depending on the card brand.

Biyo Zero Processing program is available to all merchants who would like to opt into the program.
If you already a Biyo merchant you may request a support ticket to change your account to be included in the Biyo Zero Processing Program.

If you are not currently a merchant you may start by filling out our free processing form. Navigate to form here.

In order to be fully compliant with the program you must increase your prices by 4%.

Your new increased prices will be your new prices and anytime a customer wants to pay "Cash" the system will reduce the price of your menu items by 4%.

In other words you are not surcharging for credit card but performing a Cash Discount to customers who pay with Cash.

This is done all automatically through the POS so you don't need to keep track and know that you are no longer paying for credit card processing fees.

Biyo Zero Processing Program requires you to update your prices assuming what you would get in Cash for those items. For example if you were normally selling an item for $1.00, your menu will be updated to $1.04.

Customers that pay credit card will pay $1.04 and customers that pay cash will be paying $1.00.

All taxes will be applied to the price of the product. So, for Cash customers products will be calculated by Cash prices and Credit card by the Credit Card Prices.

Remember that this is also known as a Cash Discount program, so tax is calculated on the item price level.

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