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Offer only available for United States Customers! Customers outside of the United States can still try our Point of Sale software for free!

Point of Sale Software Free

Biyo POS provides solutions for restaurants and retail stores simultaneously.
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Here is What You Get

Receive free processing, Free POS Software, Free Ingenico payment terminal ($299 value), and full support!

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FREE Processing

Process credit and debit cards with ease!

FREE POS Software

Free POS software ideal for retail and restaurants. Process sales, manage inventory, customers, employees, view reports and more!

FREE Terminal

Receive and integrated Ingenico payment terminal so that you can process payments in-store or orders placed online.

FREE POS Dashboard

Start managing your operations with ease in all in one platform! Manage inventory, customers, employees, view reports and much more!

Start your no-risk free point of sale today!

No fees. No commitment. No credit card. 100% Free (not kidding)

Takes 30 seconds

Frequently asked questions about POS systems

  • What is the difference between a POS system and a payment processor?

    A point of sale system is used to track and manage your inventory and ring up sales. A payment processor handles the actual transaction during sales.

    Payment processors transmit payment information between relevant parties to complete transactions—information will be sent between your business’ bank account and the paying customer’s bank, for example, or between your acquiring bank and the customer’s credit card issuer.

    A point of sale system facilitates the transaction in question—if a payment processor connects to your bank, your POS system powers your till. POS systems like Biyo POS can integrate with payment processors to automatically transit information between your inventory system and card reader. In addition, Biyo POS includes tools for inventory management, CRM and data analysis, and we have even our own payment processing solution with competitive rates.

  • Is hardware included in the point of sale subscription?

    If a Biyo POS user signs up to Biyo POS Credit Card Processing they will receive one free payments terminal to use in their stores. There is no other hardware included, credit card processing is currently only available for in the United States.

    Biyo’s POS system works with all platforms. The POS system can be run in a web browser on any device, including Mac, PC, Linux, ChromeOS, Apple or Android. You may be able to use all or most of your existing hardware when you add Biyo to your business

    Biyo does not lease hardware. However, you can buy hardware directly from Biyo.

  • What kind of support do you offer for your POS system?

    All new Biyo POS users are entitled to a free one-on-one onboarding session. A product expert will walk you through the POS system’s major features and answer any and all of your business questions relevant to your business. After you’ve completed your onboarding session, we offer free phone support, available 24/7 in English.

    Biyo POS users also have access to chat support and phone support during specific business hours. You can find more information on how to contact Biyo POS support here.

    Biyo POS also maintains a database of Help Center articles to aid POS system users. Biyo POS users can also consult the Biyo POS Community to discuss their POS system with other retailers, restaurateurs, and Biyo Point of Sale system experts.

  • Do I have to use your credit card processor with the POS System?

    Biyo Credit Card Processing is included in all POS system subscription options for users in the United States. However, you are not required to use Biyo Credit Card Processing as your payment processor. Credit card processing rates through Biyo POS are very competitive, that includes American Express.

    Biyo POS system users outside of the US do not currently have access to Biyo Point of Sale Credit Card Processing.