How to Get Free POS and Free Card Processing

How to Get Free POS and Free Card Processing

How to Get Free POS and Free Card Processing Terminal

Utilizing a cutting edge retail or restaurant pos system that can acknowledge credit cards is a reliable means of expanding your business. Generally, this has indicated a vast number of dollars in programming, equipment, and handling costs.

With the advancement of innovation, cloud-based POS frameworks, and the adjustments/changes in regulations, the expense has gone down drastically. How would you like to wipe out the cost completely? Here are the steps on the best way to get FREE POS and FREE card processing terminal.

  1. Create a store on the Biyo Point of Sale signup page.
  2. Request to add card processing with the Biyo POS signup.
  3. That is it! Enjoy your free POS and the FREE card processing terminal.
1. Create a store on the Biyo Point of Sale signup page.

Before you can get started with the free card processing plan, you must create a store using the Biyo POS signup page.

    1. Navigate to or click on the link provided  
      Biyo POS Signup Form
    2. Fill in the indicated form with your Business Name, Email, Phone Number, First name, Last Name, Password, and re-enter your requested password for confirmation. Your personalized dashboard domain is automatically configured based on your Business name. Your email and password is your login to your personalized dashboard.  
    3. After filling out the form, you can click the “Create My Store!” button. You are well on your way to your FREE POS and FREE Card processing terminal. Within 20 seconds, your personalized store will be created and will redirect you to your personalized free pos dashboard.Biyo POS Store is being created


    1. After successful store creation, you will now be in your personalized dashboard. At this time, feel free to navigate through the dashboard and start using the free pos and check out our help guides.


  1. A Biyo POS Expert will contact to help you with a one-on-one onboarding process.
2. In Conclusion

As demonstrated above within this guide, you can cut costs completely with free pos by Biyo Point of Sale and the Biyo POS free card processing terminal program.

  • With this application, you will be able to:
  • Have FREE processing by accepting cards at 0% credit card fees.
  • Use the FREE point of sale software provided by Biyo Point of Sale.
  • Retrieve a FREE Ingenico credit card terminal for accepted all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, EBT, and more.
  • Get a personalized training session and support.

You can now manage your business operations with ease thanks to the tools provided in the software for inventory, customers, employees, card processing, and more, all in a single platform! No installation is required! Lifetime updates!

No additional monthly fees or commitments apply! Please keep in mind that this offer is only for United States businesses.

To get started, click and fill out the form on this page as the guide described, and we will base touch with you on the next steps. We look forward to working with you.


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