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An intuitive and user-friendly point of sale for managing your stores.

Live Customer Support

Biyo POS offers live chat support for all customers and phone call support for premium customers.

All-in-one POS System

Payment processing, Point of sale, Online Ordering, Inventory Tracking and more.

No internet? No problem

Biyo POS allows you to continue transactions even when you’re offline, ensuring uninterrupted sales processing.

Offline Mode

Offline mode is crucial for businesses as it ensures uninterrupted operations even when internet connectivity is unreliable or completely unavailable.

It allows businesses to continue serving customers, processing transactions, and managing inventory without any disruption.

Offline mode provides peace of mind, eliminates potential revenue loss during internet outages, and enables businesses to maintain seamless operations in any environment or location.

Multiple Locations

Expand your business effortlessly across multiple locations.

Our multi-location capabilities simplify operations, ensuring centralized control, streamlined inventory management, and enhanced customer experiences.

Efficiently plan inventory and effortlessly manage stock across all locations.

Unify all locations with our online ordering platform, enabling seamless connectivity and maximizing customer reach.

Staff Management

Say goodbye to manual timesheets.

Easily track employee time and attendance, ensuring accurate payroll and compliance.

Gain valuable employee performance insights. Track metrics like sales, attendance, and tasks to identify top performers and address improvement areas.

Customize staff accounts with varied access levels and give each employee access to the POS app by PIN.

Analyze employee sales with back office sales reports .

Menu Management

Easily tailor your menu to match your unique offerings, modify categories, update prices, and add or remove items on the fly with our intuitive point of sale system.

Our intuitive menu management system enables seamless synchronization of menus across all your locations, ensuring consistency in offerings, customized pricing, and promotions.

Implement customized pricing for specific customer groups, making it simple to offer personalized value.

Inventory Management

Counting inventory made easy!

With Biyo’s Inventory Scanner app, you can conduct stocktakes wherever you are.

Quickly check what’s in stock across your stores without leaving the shop floor.

If you operate multiple stores, you can conveniently monitor inventory levels and effortlessly transfer products between locations to prevent stockouts and minimize excess inventory.

Customer Management

Gain deep insights into your customers. Keep track of purchase history, preferences, and contact information. system.

Maximize revenue and loyalty with tailored pricing for customer groups and wholesale.

Personalize shopping experiences, optimize sales, and deliver targeted offers with customized pricing tiers and discounts.

Boost customer loyalty with customizable programs. Set up and manage rewards, points, and discounts to foster long-term relationships and increase lifetime value.

Customer Based Pricing

Segment your customers into groups to apply unique pricing strategies.

Flexibility to create personalized pricing models for each customer and customer groups.

Easily apply targeted discounts to individual customers or customer groups.

Tableside Ordering

Say goodbye to waiting times.

Our Tableside Ordering system enables your staff to swiftly take orders and cater to individual preferences, providing a truly personalized dining experience.

Streamlined communication between front-of-house and kitchen staff ensures accuracy and reduces mistakes.

Enjoy enhanced operational efficiency and deliver orders promptly.

Multiple Hardwares to choose from Android & iOS

Table Management

Leveraging our innovative Table Management feature, you can elevate your restaurant’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Track table statuses, streamline orders, and enhance the overall dining experience with Biyo POS.

Experience the ease of managing your restaurant with our interactive, digital floor plan.

Track table statuses in real-time, manage reservations, and optimize seatings, all at a glance.

Reporting & Analytics

Take the guesswork out of sales.

Whether you’re looking for a high-level view of your business or want to get into the nitty-gritty details, get all the information you need lightning fast with reporting and analytics in Biyo POS.

Receive a concise yet comprehensive presentation of revenue, costs, margins, and other essential figures for your analysis.

Effortlessly compare sales data across various locations or time periods within a single, consolidated report.

Zero Processing Fee

Transfer your credit card processing fees to your customers and clients, allowing you to accept credit cards at a 0% cost.

Effortlessly manage surcharges, convenience fees, and service charges through Biyo’s Zero Processing Fee Program.

This program helps you reward your Cash paying customers by offering Cash Discount.

All Cash paying customers will receive a 4% discount automatically on during checkout where as card paying customers do not.

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