Table Management

Leveraging our innovative Table Management feature, you can elevate your restaurant's efficiency and customer satisfaction. Track table statuses, streamline orders, and enhance the overall dining experience with Biyo POS.

Intuitive Table Layout

Experience the ease of managing your restaurant with our interactive, digital floor plan. Track table statuses in real-time, manage reservations, and optimize seatings, all at a glance.

Seamless Order Management

Enhance the dining experience with prompt and efficient order handling. Attach orders directly to tables, manage special requests, and ensure timely service, reducing errors and boosting customer satisfaction.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Keep track of table turnover rates, average spend per table, and busiest times. Leverage these insights to make informed decisions and improve your restaurant's operations.

Revolutionize your dining service with efficiency at your fingertips.

Efficiency at Fingertips

The system is designed to provide an organized view of the restaurant, reducing the time spent on tracking and managing tables manually.

Revolutionary Dining Service

Provide unparalleled customer service by ensuring prompt and accurate order management linked directly to tables.

Innovative Management

Stay ahead of the curve with a futuristic solution that revolutionizes how restaurants are managed.

Transform your restaurant's operations with a dining experience reimagined.

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